Voice of the Sea - 1st Prize Winner in Scandinavian/Baltic Singing Competition


On the 29th of September, Sebastian won 1st Prize in the Scandinavian/Baltic singing competition 'Voice of the Sea' (Havets Röst / Meren ääni).  The prize sum consists of 6000 EURO and was generously donated by Anders Wiklöf.

The jury consisted of opera singer Mikael Fagerholm (chairman for 'Voice of the Sea'),  Court Singer Katarina Dalayman, Court Singer Loa Falkman, conductor Markus Lehtinen, Senior Lecturer in Vocal Arts Annika Ollinkari.

The pianist playing with Sebastian in both semi final, and the final, was Matti Hirvonen.

Sebastian is honoured, and deeply moved, to have been elected 'Voice of the Sea' in 2018. 

"I want to become the next Havets Röst because I want the privilege to be heard. To use my own voice as a tool of communication, and connect people from all around the Baltic Sea through the love of music that we all feel. Music for me is emotion, and by sharing emotions such as compassion and empathy I believe that we all can, despite our differences, connect to each others as human beings."

/Sebastian Durán